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3 reasons why to join the waiting list

By joining the waiting list, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

1. Early Access

Get exclusive early access to the FinanceBuddy app before it becomes available to the general public. Be among the first to experience the features and tools designed to transform your financial life.

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Receive priority notifications and updates about the app's launch, new features, educational resources, and special promotions. Stay informed and stay ahead on your financial journey.

3. Special Offers

As a member of our waiting list, you may be eligible for special offers and discounts once the app is released. Take advantage of these exclusive benefits as a token of our appreciation for your early support.

How to join the waiting list:

Signing up for FinanceBuddy waiting list is quick and easy.
1. Visit our website
2. Click on “Get Started”

Click on the button to join

3. Fill in the form

Fill in all your details requested

4. Additional Information

Just so we can verif y who you are

5. Click Submit

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That’s it! You’re now on the FinanceBuddy waiting list and will be among the first to receive updates and access the app once it becomes available.

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